LED Headlights

The auto industry has experienced tremendous strides in technology. Among the technology included are car LED lights that give the car a new superb and luxury look. The lighting technology has surely gone to the next level. This lighting has made the car a symbol of glamour and status in the modern world.

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are the light source in solar powered products. In order to understand what advantages the LED offers over incandescent lights, it is necessary to understand how the LED works. A light emitting diode is composed of a semiconductor diode. A semiconductor is a material that can conduct electricity. The light produced by a LED is a cool light. More light is produced per watt in an LED than an incandescent. Even more energy can be saved if the light is solar powered. Keep in mind, that different LEDs might have different light output and different color. This depends on the way the diode itself operates. Check out to see this aspect from the technical point. When selecting LED bulbs for the front fascia of your vehicle, make sure not to use red and blue colors to avoid getting a ticket from a police officer.

LED bulbs

创亿2注册The latest SMD/SMT LEDs have flat emitting surfaces. The flat surface has a much wider angle to emit a nice flooding light and it is also relatively brighter than refractor LEDs. Also because of SMD, LED is easier to assemble onto the PCB circuit board, the lighting angle can reach an amazing full 360-degrees. More than that, it reduces the power consumption drastically.

Automotive LED Advantages

创亿2注册The lights are also more functional in times of poor visibility such as during a foggy time of the day. The fog LED lights have the capacity to penetrate the fog and illuminate the way over a long distance. The yellow type of car LED lights are most advised for these purposes of creating proper visibility. It is also important to note that these lights are not just protecting your car at any given moment but they also alert other drivers and wild life that there is an oncoming car. In addition to this the car lights are a great lighting solution for the interior of your car. Though the inner lights are not always being used, when the time comes, their importance cannot be overstated. It is important to have lights that will offer you proper visibility and consume less energy. Unlike incandescent or halogen lights, LED technology is not based on filaments and does not require mercury which can contribute to environmental damage. Furthermore, these lights produce no heat nor UV radiation, thus, reducing CO2 emissions that cause global warming. These lights are also capable of converting up to 80% of electrical energy into light compared to incandescent bulbs which are limited to 20%.

Automotive LED Lights

There is a number of manufacturers of LED lights present on the market nowadays. They offer a variety of exterior and interior automotive lighting products, so that you can discover and enjoy advantages of LED lighting. One of the leading LED light manufacturer is Oracle Lighting company that is renowned for its commitment to innovation and advanced technology. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana Oracle Lighting delivers its products to customers through a big number of distributors, such as . Not only Oracle products look well, but also possess flawless operation and high performance for safe driving.